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Here’s a very interesting essay about re-evaluation counseling that I found on WordPress.

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..what happens when RC is seen as THE solution..

another sad story, about someone that obviously needed some help, and was lead into thinking that RC was a good way to deal with problems…

<<Hello all,

New here. Have been reading alot. and now feel the need to ask some
questions. My partner is a 10 year plus RCer-a true believer-who
counsels regularly, has gone to Seattle for intensive. and goes to
workshops 2 or 3 times a year. I have many issues with the Rc
approach, techniques, world view-etc. Most of those have been
addressed on some level in the preceding, and would love to pursue
those issue more at some point.
My current problem is the idea that she isn’t getting what she
believes is the correct level of support for her discharge process.
So she is, in my view, co-opting me into counseling her without my
OK. This involves violent hitting, screaming and me basically
holding her down while she cycles thru. My sense is that members of
their community have a tough time with the intensity of her discharge
so she has a hard time getting sessions. Plus her community is very
small and not growing. She is a victim of sexual abuse and this
process has to do with that, and getting rid of the past. She has
been doing this, with RC, for 8 years. Enough. My shrink has never
heard of RC and feels she is addicted to the process and involved
with a cult. I hate the idea of being used to further a process I
find narcissistic, emotionally mastabatory. and unhealthy. I am, in
essence, a trigger for her past issues and frankly it sucks. I love
this woman, and her issues are real, but after these “sessions” I
feel horrible. If I bring up my feelings about this or my general
discomfort of Rc-I am attacking and criticizing. Heard that before?>>

Oh yes, heard that before!

Is this just “one isolated case” of ┬ábad use of RC, how many of these examples do we still need?

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RC and relationships

follows a letter found on a discussion forum about Re-evaluation counseling, how many of these stories are necessary to convince about the dangerous and negative effects of RC??

<<Hello. I’m new to the group and thrilled to be here. After dating
my current girlfriend for 8 months and falling in love with her, I
just learned that she has been in co-counseling for over 20 years.

She did tell me that she did this thing called co-counseling, but was
very vague about what it was. I have a Ph.D. in educational
psychology and had never heard of it, but I’ve been out of that field
for some time and didn’t think much of it. At one point, I asked her
about it, and she gave me the party line about Harvey
Jackins ‘discovering’ the powerful effects of co counseling when he
helped a friend. She never mentioned the sexual abuse stuff at all
and she is an ardent feminist and had chastised me once about letting
my sixteen year old son post pictures of girls in string bikinis in
his room.

Two weeks ago out of boredom I thought to google ‘co counseling’.
Needless to say, you can only imagine my shock and dismay when I
started reading about Jackins’ sexual predatory nature and the cult
like methods the organization uses to recruit and keep members.

When I confronted my girlfriend, she at first denied Jackins
behvavior and then excused it and said that ‘he had received
counseling on it’. She wasn’t happy when I said he deserved a jail

For two weeks we have been having a very difficult time. She insists
the group has no cult qualities; I keep finding more and more
references and examples of just that.

We are going to a counselor tonight; a licensed one, not a co
counselor to discuss this issue. She, my girlfriend, told me
yesterday she was willing to suspend her twice a week counseling
sessions, attend no classes or workshops while we were working on
this and so she could try to take my point of view. I agreed to
attend a fundamentals class.While I love her, I absolutely do not
want to spend my life with an idealogue who sees the world through
the lens of RC nonsense.>>

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An interesting paper

Retaining RCers: Mechanisms Promoting Affective Commitment in a Diffuse Therapeutic Community

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1st post, what’s this about?


this blog is about my indirect experience and ideas about Re-evaluation counseling (RC).

According to Wikipedia: “RC is the best-known and largest organization for Co-Counseling. RC today spans over 40 countries and offers many individuals an inexpensive or largely free form of counseling and personal healing/growth.”

Despite this, is not easy to find independent informations about RC, its members are not encouraged in discuss it with the general public. The few stories found on internet from people that decided to talk about it, are telling a different truth from what you will find on the official website.

If you’re reading this and you want to contribute I encourage you to post your experience, direct or not.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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