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Another blog..’s been a while since my last post.. Here’s a very interesting essay about re-evaluation counseling that I found on WordPress. Advertisements

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..what happens when RC is seen as THE solution..

another sad story, about someone that obviously needed some help, and was lead into thinking that RC was a good way to deal with problems… <<Hello all, New here. Have been reading alot. and now feel the need to ask … Continue reading

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RC and relationships

follows a letter found on a discussion forum about Re-evaluation counseling, how many of these stories are necessary to convince about the dangerous and negative effects of RC?? <<Hello. I’m new to the group and thrilled to be here. After … Continue reading

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An interesting paper

Retaining RCers: Mechanisms Promoting Affective Commitment in a Diffuse Therapeutic Community

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1st post, what’s this about?

Hi, this blog is about my indirect experience and ideas about Re-evaluation counseling (RC). According to Wikipedia: “RC is the best-known and largest organization for Co-Counseling. RC today spans over 40 countries and offers many individuals an inexpensive or largely … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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