1st post, what’s this about?


this blog is about my indirect experience and ideas about Re-evaluation counseling (RC).

According to Wikipedia: “RC is the best-known and largest organization for Co-Counseling. RC today spans over 40 countries and offers many individuals an inexpensive or largely free form of counseling and personal healing/growth.”

Despite this, is not easy to find independent informations about RC, its members are not encouraged in discuss it with the general public. The few stories found on internet from people that decided to talk about it, are telling a different truth from what you will find on the official website.

If you’re reading this and you want to contribute I encourage you to post your experience, direct or not.

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3 Responses to 1st post, what’s this about?

  1. Carla says:

    hello! i’ve been doing RC for about 2 1/2 years and just went to a weekend workshop with the Big Leader in charge. I had a couple red flags go up over the weekend, and so when i got home i decided to google RC + cult. I was appalled that people who like to have a glass of wine or need to take Paxil to cope have to whisper in shame about it and not let anyone who might be a leader know. about it. That felt very fundamentalist to me. And I didn’t go through the usual process of taking a class. I just found someone nearby who was willing to start me counseling one on one, so I missed the indoctrination process. And yeah there are a lot fo incompetent counselors in RC who will make things worse. And yeah I felt “inadequate” for most of these 2 years because I can’t burst into tears the minute it’s my turn to “discharge”- and I feel very weird, once I finally got to that point, having to shut off the tears once the timer goes off and turn my attention to the other person. There is good and bad to it- I sought it out after reading about it in a book by a woman who spontaneously healed from severe lupus after years of both regular counseling and RC. I have been dealing with severe lupus myself for much of the last 20 years, tho I got it mostly under control with a strict diet and chi gung. I guess I just wanted to believe I could get to the root of the problem and eliminate it, and not have to work so hard for the rest of my life to avoid so many foods. I appreciate your insights on this, as I am married and I don’t want to become someone who emotionally uses my husband as a dumping ground for anything I don’t want to feel. Thanks for writing about it.

    • Hi Carla,
      thanks for posting. I think the more people write about it and share experiences the better it is. RC works very hard to keep what is know about it very controlled and not so open to the non-indoctrinated. Probably nowadays the internet is going to be their worst enemy..
      Have you decide to stop it after the workshop experience or are you still trying it? They’re generally not very open to criticism.. 😉

  2. There is some good and bad. Some things I learned and had support affirming during counseling sessions helped me get in touch with and begin healing some deep pain from my childhood. I developed a deep trust for the person I was counseling with and really opened my mind to this person. Unfortunately for me, I was naive and failed to separate the positive ideas of RC theory from the patterns of the counselor who was instructing me. So there was this powerful rush of intimacy and self-confidence as I began to open up emotionally and I took on other ideas that were being presented within the context of RC, such as the Marxist view of oppression/oppressor. Now, this type of thinking weaponizes victimhood by using it as a shield against criticism and also as a way to exploit compassion by inducing guilt. Since the founder of RC was a devout communist, it made sense to me that this belief system would be part of RC. While the counselor I worked with had been accused of and denied spreading Marxism, upon reviewing my experience I would say this aspect was fully integrated into the RC community. I did not know anything about this ideology before entering RC so I saw no “red flags.” I internalized these ideas about political correctness, identity politics, the hierarchy of oppression, and I manifested out-in-the-world life-experiences based on them. I took these ideas I learned in RC and applied them in the world. It was probably the most damaging thing I’ve ever done to my mind and my life. I believe this is partly because the political trajectory of RC is revolutionary, which means wherever RC theories are injected into society they stimulate the need for people to discharge. This is what the ideas are for, to stimulate discharge. Marxism is married to RC because it validates the resentment and suffering of those who do not get the social, economic, and political positions of victory in this society. Unfortunately, this can be used to empower people who are already in positions of power to target an entire group of people because 0.001% of that group are in the position of power above them. This can lead to certain people “punching down” while thinking they are “punching up.” The resentment this can cause is…

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