Another blog..’s been a while since my last post..

Here’s a very interesting essay about re-evaluation counseling that I found on WordPress.

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  1. the.Hidden.critic says:

    I really like this blog. I read it about half a year ago and I found it useful. It took me a while to read it thoroughly, but I feel like it was a very useful perspective. Well worth a read for anyone who is trying to understand the RC communities and how can become problematic for the people involved in them.

  2. Robert says:

    I dated a girl for a few months that told me she was really into something called co-counceling. I didn’t think anything of it. She is very independent and valued having “her own things” to do away from the relationship. Well one of them was co-counceling. Everything was great while we were together. I never once sensed that anything was wrong. In fact I though things were moving forward. I worked weekends at the time, and had a rare weekend off. I asked her if she wanted to spend the weekend together, and she said she had some stuff planned, but she’d cancel them so we could hang out. A few days before she told me she couldn’t spend Sunday with me because her co-counceling group was really counting on her to be at their noon meeting. They were getting ready for their Memorial Day weekend “retreat”, and they were training her to be a leader. Anyways, the time we spent together that weekend was amazing. She told me the next day she really enjoyed our time together, waking up together, and going to brunch. She also hinted that she kind of regretted ditching me for co-counceling. The next day she went to dinner with a friend, who I now suspect was a co-counceling friend. Then the day after that….2 days after telling me how much she enjoyed the time she got to spend with me over the weekend, and making plans for the following weekend, she dumped me. I was completely shocked. Like I said, I had no idea anything was wrong. She led me to believe the opposite. So I wonder if co-counceling had anything to do with it? In hindsight, I guess it’s a good thing the relationship didn’t work out, since she appears to be in a cult. But the whole thing makes me really angry.

    • mybirch12 says:

      I am so sorry you had to deal with that! I’m currently moving out of the house me and my fiancĂ©e purchased near 3 years ago because she dumped me a month ago…she has been in cocounseling for over 20 years, and I truly believe it’s the primary reason why she ended our relationship…one by any other standards would be considered a very healthy and good one.

  3. Liz says:

    I was involved with co-counseling as a child in the late 80s early 90s. I’m in therapy now and trying to figure out what exactly I was involved with. Has anyone seen anything about children and co-counseling? I was between five and ten.

    • Hi Liz,
      sorry that you had to go through that. I know for sure it’s a common practice to involve children in co-counseling, I think the call them “family-sessions” or something like that. I know as a fact it can involve infants as well. I find this aspect of co-counseling / RC the most disturbing. I did collect a bunch of letters from an old yahoo forum about this. If you’re interested I can send them in private. I imagine one or both your parents were in RC, are they still?

      all the best,

      • Liz says:

        I’d love to see those comments if you would email them to me. My mother was involved for six months to a couple of years. Something spooked her. I’m in regular therapy right now for some issues that have surfaced when I became a parent and my therapist asked if my mother had ever been in therapy. Yesterday I thought about co-counseling for the first time in years and today I went to Google. I remember some odd things and I’d love to see some outline of what was standard or other people experienced.

        Thanks for providing this resource.

    • mybirch12 says:

      Yes! My understanding is that there are ‘family support’ groups where people set up ‘session’ time to pay attention to babies, children and teens. I’ve been with someone in cocounseling for near 4 years, though we just broke up, and the practices I’ve learned about cocounseling have been both interesting AND scary.

  4. thinking says:

    Wondering if anybody has happened upon an issue of the RC publication Present Time? I’ve peeked at an issue or two that were left out (I suspect by mistake) at my gf’s house. I only glanced at them before a creepy feeling brought on by the RC jargon and the Harvey Worship made me put them down- but I noticed two things. Every other page contained a quote from or some other reverential reference to one of the Jackins boys. Also I saw something from a woman claiming that Harvey Jackins had “cured” her of menopause by counseling her so effectively. Cured her of menopause! I happen to be a medical professional, but that background is not necessary to spot the wackiness. These were current issues of the mag. Yikes.

  5. Hey Thinking,
    that is whacky! My girlfriend stopped receiving Present Time a couple of years ago, I’m not sure why since she’s still pretty active in RC.. I thought it was pretty much mandatory to be subscribed to the magazine…
    Wow Harvey should have got a Nobel prize for his “menopause cure”.. lol.. it’s just too bad that the accusations of sexual abuse didn’t come out in this era of social media and more awareness on sexual abuse he’d be in jail…

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