An interesting paper

Retaining RCers: Mechanisms Promoting Affective Commitment in a Diffuse Therapeutic Community

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3 Responses to An interesting paper

  1. Jane says:

    Very interesting paper, indeed. The more light that can be shed on the unhealthy premises and practices of RC the better.

  2. Thanks Jane, are you interested in giving some more contribution to this site? I can post your comments/stories if you have any to share.

  3. mybirch12 says:

    I read this paper with enthusiasm mixed with terror. I have been with a woman for near 4 years and have dealt with this jargon more and more over our years together. I absolutely respect this warm, loving and intelligent woman, but cannot for the life of me understand how she has chosen to be a part of an organization that has so clearly BECOME the very fabric of her belief system. I have no doubts that she hoped I would also get into RC, and I did in fact take a ‘fundamentals’ course which she was very excited about. While I felt I had a couple decent classes, the rest were more about me approaching it with great skepticism and it helped to open my eyes to how this group invades your life and truly hinders personal relationships and friendships outside of RC. When we first got together I expressed my fears to several friends and family members, but I also talked at length with my fiancĂ©e about the organization and she seemed to have a rational take on the healthy AND unhealthy aspects of co counseling. What I’ve realized over these years is that no matter how guarded or intelligent a person is, given time, organizations like this will infiltrate your ways of thinking and ultimately help to drive a wedge between you and those who love you.

    Thank you so much for posting this article!!!

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